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Doro Neumann Coaching

Productivity & Procrastination

I help entrepreneurs overcome procrastination and get things done

without stress, anxiety and pressure.

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Book a FREE strategy call where we will analyse your procrastination behaviour and custom design a productivity training program just for you.

Overcome Procrastination and Get Things Done

Everyone has dreams and aspirations. Yet, distractions, setbacks, and self-doubt can get in the way. Have you ever questioned your capabilities because of past setbacks? Have you ever felt frustrated when generic productivity tips miss the mark? Does your productivity or lack thereof cause you fear, anxiety and stress? Do you just want to have a productivity style which works for you? Join me on a transformative journey towards genuine productivity.

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Doro Neumann Coaching

🚫 From

  • Lack of motivation to start or finish tasks

  • Overwhelmed by tasks and responsibilities

  • Constantly distracted or multitasking without focus

✅ To

  • Celebrating a productivity style that is all your own, stress-free

  • Clearing away internal obstacles like fears and limiting beliefs

  • Making well-being the heart of your energy boost

  • Perfecting time and energy management

  • Feeling a sense of accomplishment every day

Ready to Break Free from Procrastination? Book Your Strategy Call Now.

Productivity tips did not help you start or finish your tasks? Time management techniques have not prevented you from ignoring your highest priority work? Executive dysfunction is a problem you could not solve with any planner on the market? Is there always another course to take or book to read before you take action? You do tasks often the last minute? Is time pressure the most effective motivation booster you know? Welcome to the procrastinator world. You are not alone with this struggle.


Procrastination is a thing. And it cannot be solved with more pressure.


I have good news: There are techniques which actually make you work on your goals and dreams. Without stress, anxiety and pressure.

Unlock Your True Potential – Book Your Strategy Call Today

"The future depends
on what you do

- Mahatma Gandhi

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Linda M.

"I'm so grateful for Dorothea to be my coach. She's everything you need, however, she also keeps the focus on what the priority and your end goal is and she'll help you get there. [I] always leave the sessions motivated and excited about all the things I want to do. and realize are possible."

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Lisa-Marie D.

"I'm thrilled to share my experience working with Dorothea as my productivity coach. Her brilliant, active listening skills [made me feel] understood.

I looked forward to our sessions, [leading] to powerful breakthroughs. With her guidance, I removed mental blocks. Dorothea is a coach who delivers results."

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Melinda W.

"Her coaching style is very motivational and was completely tailored to my specific needs, making each session valuable and impactful. With the help, I have gained clarity and I have overcome obstacles."

More testimonials here.

Unlock Your True Potential – Schedule a Free Strategy Call Today!

What is a Strategy Call?

A Strategy Call is a free consultation where we explore your unique challenges and aspirations. This call is a risk-free opportunity for you to:

🌟 Explore the underlying reasons behind your procrastination
🌟 Understand how personalised coaching can benefit you
🌟 Get a free strategy on how to overcome procrastination
🌟 Ask any questions you may have about the coaching process

By the end of the call, you will have a clear vision of your path forward and how I can support you in achieving your goals. Ready to take the first step towards a more productive and fulfilling life and business? Book your Strategy Call now.

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