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My Business Story

Have you ever procrastinated on a task, even if it was very important? And have you ever asked yourself why you are procrastinating and how you can solve it?

Procrastination is not a time management problem. There is scientific research that shows that procrastination is linked to emotions.

For me, it has always been clear that paperwork scared me. Why was that? Perhaps I picked up on the feeling of being overwhelmed and the stress associated with it when I was a small child. For generations in my family, paperwork was not seen as fun.


And that negative feeling was there with other tasks as well.

I knew from a very young age that if I didn't get rid of this fear, stress and overwhelm, I would never be able to start my own business. A dream only I knew about.

So I did what seemed logical to meAfter school I went to university to study economics, where I also learnt time management and how to organise myself.

It took me long to start taking action. Then I finally pushed through my fear, again and again. It made me quite successful. Very exhausted and burned out, but at least I felt successful for the first time in my life.

I was able to coach and manage leaders and several teams of software developers at the same time. I loved my job. I had been a software developer myself, so I guess this helped me to be a good team leader.

I got compliments of being “extremly organised” while I also improved the productivity and emotional savety of my teams.

But I felt several huge things in my life were missing. I was tired. And I was sad and angry at myself. I still hadn't taken a single step towards my childhood dream: Becoming an entrepreneur, starting my own business, becoming a life coach and so much more.

Why was I still procrastinating on my true dreams and goals? Then I finally found the solution: It's all about emotion.


With the help of many life coaches, I worked on my childhood traumas and became a life coach myself.


I no longer have to distract myself with unimportant things because I can calm myself and reduce my stress and anxiety. I can deal with all the emotions.


This frees me up to create the business & life of my dreams because I can do whatever it takes to get where I want to be.

What about you?


Want to learn more about how to overcome procrastination, what stops you from working on your goals - and how to fix it?


Let's work together and make you the hero of your life and business. Make progress towards your dreams and goals effortlessly, with unwavering confidence, and pure joy.

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